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Photographic Museum of Ontario

Founded by:

Peter Gatt in January 2009

Museum Location:

Board of Directors:

The concept of the Photographic Museum of Ontario was formulated in 2009. The goal for the museum was to show people, photography of the past (before the digital era) with its many unique features, such as how pictures were taken, and to show the future that digital era will bring to us.  

Why start a museum?

“My wife and I were taking our children to the different museums in Toronto to help educate them about the past as well as help provide culture into their learning. One day my youngest daughter asked me when we could go see the Photography Museum to see how I used to take and develop pictures when I was a child.  I told her that I didn’t know where the museum was but I would look it up when we got home. To my amazement, I couldn’t find a photographic museum anywhere in southern Ontario. Ottawa has photo gallery that they call a museum but it didn’t show cameras and the development process. That’s when I thought that I should start the Photographic Museum of Ontario here in Toronto.”  Peter G. founder

What state is the Museum at?

Aug 15, 2013.

The Photographic Museum is in its final stages of preparing the business proposal. With this proposal we hope to interest corporate and private sponsors.

We are waiting for the final approval of the new museum’s designs, but  we have started raising funds for the museum.

Nov. 27, 2013.

Great meeting at Metrolinx.

I had a great meeting with Jamie Robinson and the other members from Metrolinx today. Very positive outlook for the museum and the Kodak building. Moving forward with our plans for the museum.

Dec. 2013.

Meeting at Mount Denis Community Association, didn't go as well.

Maribelle McTavish felt that the museum would have negative impact to the community and is against the museum occupying the Kodak Building

Feb. 2014.

Attended many meetings about the kodak Building. Spoke to Councillor Frances Nunziata, originally in favour of the museum but later changed her mind after speaking with Maribelle McTavish.

2014 -2016

Ongoing interference from city councillor preventing us from being a part of the Kodak building Developments

Jan. 1, 2018.

New board of Directors appointed. Looking for different, but temporary location.

May 18. 2019

Discovering Yousuf Karsh. A fundraising event for the Photographic Museum of Ontario.

Oct. 2021 - Sept. 2023

Moved to new location in Mississauga.

2515 Hurontario Street

Unit 102

Mississauga ON

L5A 4C7

(Next Door to Popeyes Chicken)

Sept. 2023

Looking for new location.


How You Can Help.

The Photographic Museum of Ontario is looking for people that want to get involved with the museum.

There are many ways to help support the Photographic Museum of Ontario. You can simply help spread the word. Be an active member of our fund raising team or even be a board member.

The more people who know about Photographic Museum of Ontario, the better it will help to increase awareness and raise the profile of this project.

Donate some change:

We have almost 6 million people the live in the GTA and over 13 million that live in Ontario. If 1 out of 4 people of Ontario donated just one loonie, that would be over 3 million dollars and that would be enough to cover the basic costs and to get the renovations started.

Like us:

Please like us on facebook and ask your friends to like us too:

Promote us:

Write a mail to your favorite newspaper, magazine or radio station about the project and tell them what you like about the project and why you think it would be relevant to other people too and worth an article.

Tell friends about the project
Tell your friends about the project, how they can support it and why you think it would be a great idea for them to do it.


If you are a journalist - Write an article or do a documentary piece about us. We are more than happy to do an interview by phone, in your studio or on location.

If you work in the photo industry - We are looking for old, unwanted cameras, and other photographic equipments. Not everyone in the world has seen (or even knows) about some of the older cameras of our past. The cameras or equipments, do not have to actually work, just look good.

We are looking for:

Help organize fund raisers.

Help co-ordinate the donations received

Help promote the museum

Be on one of our committees

To get more information and to volunteer, please contact us at

or call us at 416 783-6359 and ask for Peter Gatt.